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Lockwood Speed Sculpt Fan Art

Lockwood Speed Sculpt Fan Art

Emily Bisset
by ebisset on 6 Jul 2020

Yesterday afternoon’s speed sculpt gave me a chance to practice polypainting and allowed me to look into the ZBrush to Photoshop plugin for rendering sculpts and It’s safe to say next time I want to do a quick render I’ll be using this method!

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I wanted to do another stylised speed sculpt today and so I chose to base it off of Lockwood from Atlas Reactor (a game I used to love playing!). This also gave me a good opportunity to look into different rendering methods in ZBrush, I used the ZBrush to Photoshop plugin to render the final images and they look really cool with it so I will definitely be using that method again for quick sculpt rendering!

Unfortunately, I'm just using the record history function in ZBrush so all the other subtools are already made in the timelapse but I will look into doing better time-lapses when I get better at sculpting 😂 Also must invest in a stylised hair brush!

I didn't actually check the time when I started (bad I know) but I started at about 2ish this afternoon so maybe 3ish hours sculpting then 1 - 2 hours fiddling about with rendering and sorting out the timelapse.

ZBrush Screenshot 'rendering' method vs ZBrush to Photoshop Plugin Rendering:

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