Final Space sculpture

Final Space sculpture

Daniel Gómez
by danielyyc on 3 Jul 2020

I really like final space. I hate kvn

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This took me 3 days and I’m happy with the results. I used Zbrush, Maya, Substance painter and it was rendered with arnold. This is my first sculpture that I actually make texture for.

For that I tried to retopologize my models but I took me too long and the results were really bad, I had problems and so I wasn't able to uv unwraped, I almost gave up but by pure luck I ended up with a combination for “free” uv maps. I decimate the whole thing in Zbrush (I just learned about decimation master yesterday) and then I tried to open the mesh in substance (first time using it) and I found a fantastic feature, the auto unwraper.

I still want to learn how to properly retopologize and uv unwrap my models


This one is my favorite, I forgot to model the “mouth” so I just painted.


I think this was the worst painted. I don’t like the model that much eithe.


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