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Realtime Unity Horror Environment Interiors

Realtime Unity Horror Environment Interiors

Ioana Oprisan
by ioanaoprisan on 30 Jun 2020

I've been working on a-yet-untitled horror environment composed of multiple camping style cabins. Biggest focus in this was definitely lighting and I'm quite pleased with the progress so far. This comes after a period of research into filmography and realistic painting, which definitely paid off.

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The modular wall pieces and furniture share a trimsheet made in Mixer and then sent to Designer to add more interesting roughness details. 

Other pieces were textured in Painter. Everything was modelled in 3ds Max. Decals are from the asset store.

All lights are realtime and because the version of Unity we currently use doesn't support realtime rectangular lights, moonrays are faked using volumetric spotlights and a custom disabling script to enable and disable them depending on the player's location.

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