Dust of Stars | Violence's Rifle | Fan Art

Dust of Stars | Violence's Rifle | Fan Art

Ruslan Vynokurov
by groterhooge on 30 Jun 2020

Thanks again to Kan Liu for amazing concept and inspiration.

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Thanks to Kan Liu for amazing Violence concept and inspiration to make this piece!

While doing this piece, I wanted to go deeper into the baking theory and PBR workflows, solve previous mistakes and prove the experience growth. Also, having the same pack of software I wanted to learn how baking process works in Marmoset Toolbag and that was absolutely amazing.

BTW, TB is really cool at making simple turntable shots. I've animated camera in 3ds Max and imported it into the TB in order to get that look over the asset. It's aimed to show all the mechanisms, which this rifle has.

I've decided, that battery can be a unique/hero asset, which may be given higher TD (50,8 for 2K texture). Anyway, it's possible to combine battery and bandage together to short number of draw calls in the engine, but here I've wanted to work with UDIMs.

Polycount: 25 366 tris (17 835 Rifle; 3 420 Battery; 4 111 Bandage)

Number of Texture Sets: x3 (4K; 2K; 2K)

Texel Density: 39,2; 50,8; 40

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