Karl Ruprect Kroenen

Karl Ruprect Kroenen

Daniel Gómez
by danielyyc on 30 Jun 2020

My third bust, it took me more time than I expected

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So I keep playing with Zbrush and this is my third bust. I made Hellboy and Abe Sapien so I though it was time for a bad guy.

Since Karl uses a mask I though It would way easier to make than hellboy because I wouldn't have to sculpt a face but It actually took me more time beacue I had to make clothes (first time ever making clothes this complex). In particular the hat took me a lot of time, I made it in Maya and It's terrible done, the top of it is a topology mess, holes everywhere but at list the front and side views look ok. Also this was my first time using alphas wich you can notice by how terrible they look.

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