Assajj Ventress

Assajj Ventress

Aldo Del Valle
by aldodelvalle on 27 Jun 2020

Fan art to practice and learn. I learned unexpected things like the differences between TIFF and EXR, not only technical, but in visible results. Already fixed the eyes and remade the textures. Bake errors fixed in Mari, but mostly textured in Substance Painter.

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Details from lightsabers, hands and belly shield.

Both images uses exactly the same textures, but exported in EXR format the first and the second in TIFF. The difference is enormous. I already know about 16 and 32 bit, but it is not so obvious to decide to use them, sometimes it does strange things to me. I begin to study the differences

Testing. The eyes need to be redone. Some textures too.  At that time I did´t know how to use the emissive channel yet.

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