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Gladiator - Troll/Orc
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Gladiator - Troll/Orc

Alejandro Zwanck Mora
by zwanck on 26 Jun 2020

Second big personal project. Learning a lot for my first Vfx Char.

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Update - 26 Jun 2020

Hello everyone! I want to share my second big personal project with all of you! Started being a videogame character and evolved to a VFx Character. I hadnt done anything like this before so im learning a lot in this project. It all started with a theme: A Gladiator Orc.

This wasnt my first concept, previously did 2 other iterations, but finaly liked a lot where this was going. It has all the necesary stuff to look like a strong orc/troll gladiator.

This is to what it finally evolved, still pretty rough and sketchy but i was liking a lot the forms of it.

So here is where i had a mental breakdown, something i was doing didnt feel good. So instead of working in the armor i just took a long break to learn other things. Here is where i got the idea to finally make this as an VFx character. Experimentation is a very important process in all of my personal projects,  so i looked a bunch of arnold tutorials and finally felt i was going somewhere.

With a lot of work and trial and error i finally got my first renders of what it was going to be my orc.

But something about his face didnt feel right. Details where poorly done as it was my first time using mari and arnold. So i just redid it all again using udims, and tried to change his face to a more realistic looking one. Finally I can say I like what i see. 

I have still a LOT of work to do, mainly with shaders and sking details but the next big improvement is going to be the implementation of hair, i want him with a big beard. Then armor and upper body and finally the lower body.

Thanks a lot for reading this and stay tuned for more!

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