¿Qué Demonios?

¿Qué Demonios?

Ana Belén Negrete Jácome
by anabelennegrete on 26 Jun 2020

School Project: Façade Animation // Modeling and Animation done in Maya, Sculpting done in Mudbox, Texturing done in Mudbox and Photoshop, Rendering done with Renderman, Compositing done in Nuke and After Effects, Editing done in Premiere. // Character belongs to ESMA.

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A man who traps demons for a living, Tupaq, encounters a little problem when one manages to escape its enclosure. Knowing the danger it could bring by letting it roam free, he soon defies it and manages to get control of it, trapping it back into a, now enchanted, bottle.


Tupaq Maygua


Tupaq's house

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