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Icelandia / Matte Painting

Icelandia / Matte Painting

Mateo Andrijanic
by mateoandrijanic on 14 Jun 2020

Matte Painting capturing Icelandic feelings, framed with cinematic vibes.

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Most recent matte painting done for challange! 

Painting was inspired by Icelandic, "Game of Thrones" feeling. ( shame on me, I havent seen that show ). 

I'd also say that this painting is one of most "nitty picky" images I've done, focusing greatly on details and making it seamless. 

Sill, it is visually good piece, but I feel it lacks "cleaness" and being easy, soft for the eyes.

Heres a layer breakdown, and a rough projection, as I was in hurry meeting challange deadline. Im sure I'll get back to it, once I feel like practicing comp.

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