The Hierophant
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The Hierophant

Andrew Paul
by aopaul on 10 Jun 2020

An alien has his first close-encounter with a species from planet Earth... and does what comes naturally.

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Update - 10 Jun 2020

Here is my first full Zbrush project, 'Hierophant'. I'm currently taking Pablo Gomez's "The Extra Mile" class over at 3D Concept Artist and learning quite a bit! Also, this is my first time playing with Substance Painter.  After this project I think I bit off more than I could chew! For a while, I will just be doing busts and props before diving back into full figures so I can better remember all the various techniques and steps needed for Zbrush.

Here is my first finished model with polypaint then taken into Photoshop where I added the hairs, the seedlings and further adjusted the levels.

And here is an earlier version of the model I brought and textured in Substance Painter.  The finished model would crash Zbrush when trying to export into Substance Painter, so went to an earlier, simpler version.

Finished model after posing and getting some great tips from Pablo as to changes to make.

Initial model... before I found out how to make the surface something other than the 'red wax' shader. I actually don't mind the red wax, but found it's not popular to have as some people's eyes allegedly bleed upon seeing it.

Sketchbook pages concepting the character.

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