Sea Monster
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Sea Monster

Odele Snowson
by snowdele on 10 Jun 2020

For Snow Fighters game technically. But backstory will ring throughout. Sea Monster water villa ideation #1 is also posted in portfolio as first idea for his house. He is choir leader, opera soprano.

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Update - 10 Jun 2020

Spent whole working day working on Sea Monster. That sea monster villa was going to be his.

Sea Monster is an amateur/almost professional Opera Singer. He holds choir practices almost every day around his villa at the theatre auditorium that he built. His choir friends include lairo the crab, bruce the shark, and Heidi the Hippo.

I tried THREE different ways in ZBrush to attempt him.

1. From cylinder, sphere

2. By creating different subtools, head, body , tail that's horrible

3. successful try: just BCX curve Tube brush to draw out his shape.

Then use ZModeler brush, and extrude through polygons the shapes of all the fins, whispers, scary head crown

Then used various brushes to shape and refine

Finally, I played with Decimation tool and ZRemesher

I found out with Decimation it's nearly impossible to UNWRAP UVs in ZBrush. I had to use ZRemesher and had it down to 1k poly count. That worked out much better

Now I am encountering issue of Polypaint converting to TextureMap. It came out like computer bits in pixels, super video.

UV unwrap by polygroup is great.

I really don't want to switch software like to Substance Painter to paint for this project, Omg. And the other reason is to want to become at least expert in one software before moving on to another.

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