Diorama - "Catch of the day"

Diorama - "Catch of the day"

Oliwia Janczewska
by aonee on 7 Jun 2020

This one was an university assignment, where the only real task was to create a good-looking diorama. Stylised work is something I particularly enjoy and want to get good at :)

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Diorama - "Catch of the day"

This one was an university assignment, where the only real task was to create a good-looking diorama.

I personally love the style of World of Warcraft, so that was my first thought to make something that would be inspired by its art. Then it took me some time to find an inspiration for the actual theme, which honestly came quite unexpectedly. I randomly found an image of a whale heart and it made me think that it would be a perfect "item" to use in the diorama. Afterwards I started researching a bit more, to come up with the idea for a fisherwoman riding a tiger, who has also caught a whale and took its heart.

It sounded like a fun thing to do, so I decided to take the challege and make it. The modelling was done in Autodesk Maya, then textured in Mudbox/Photoshop. This project actually allowed me to use Mudbox and learn how to use it for painting, as I have never really used it like that before. Finaally, I have put it together as a diorama in Unreal Engine 4. 

3D modelling in Maya.

Despite there being no polygon limits on the diorama, I gave myself a challenge to make them quite low poly to train myself in making better game-ready assets. I'm particularly proud with the tiger, as the shape is quite defined with not that many polys. 

Texturing in Mudbox/Photoshop.

The models are hand painted, with me jumping between the programs to make it easier.

The first 2 are tree barks made in Substance Designer, the foliage was hand painted in Photoshop. Both were combined in Tree.it to make the trees. 

Here is the foliage I have done, with some of them being made in Tree.it, some in Maya. 

The first two materials are dirt and grass I have made in Substance Designer, I blended them together in Unreal Engine 4 to create a path. Also showing the rest of the foliage - here: grass clumps. 

The first image is showing my idea and the images that inspired me. Next to it images showing a photobash I have made to clarify my vision. On the right some greyboxing with light to check out how the scene would look. The last image shows my first combining of the assets in the Engine.

I generally first planned to expand the scene to include a beach with a killed whale on it, but I decided to give up the idea to fully focus on the area around the fisherwoman and the tiger. 

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