Ellundra (3D Stylized Character)

Ellundra (3D Stylized Character)

by andrewdowns on 6 Jun 2020

This is Ellundra the Alien Priestess, Original Concept by Raphaëlle Deslandes. The character was mostly modeled in A Pose with the exception of the hair. I wanted to make sure that the hair alien fell in a way that looked good so I just modeled it in pose. For this project I also aimed to stay as close to the original

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This is my most recent project where I focused heavily on getting the anatomy and silhouette down. These have been two areas I struggled in the past with so I made sure to really spend the time on it for this project. This is based off a concept piece by Raphaëlle Deslandes.

This model was not intended to be a game model exactly, there is a low poly version but these renders are mainly showing a higher res version that would perhaps be used for promotional art if used in a professional setting.

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