Stylised 3D Portrait

Stylised 3D Portrait

Emily Bisset
by ebisset on 5 Jun 2020

This was a personal project I did to try out different character creation workflows. This piece is based on a gorgeous piece of art by Natália Dias - I absolutely adore her style and so wanted to create fan art of one of her creations!

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Based on a gorgeous piece of art by Natália Dias (Instagram: @nataliadsw) - I adore her style!

RenderMan Images:

Here's my image next to Natália's art, I really love this piece's colour palette and this also gave me a great opportunity to create polygon hair for the first time!

I also watched a lot of DannyMac3D tutorials on YouTube for tips and tricks in ZBrush as this software is something I want to specialise in now that I have finished university. His videos are amazing to watch for anyone wanting to learn stylised character creation, I also bought his hair brushes (ZBrush brushes not actual hairbrushes!) to do this character's hair, this is the first time I've attempted polygon hair and I really enjoyed getting the hang of it! I also followed his ZBrush to Photoshop polypainting workflow ( as usually I just use substance painter for texturing so wanted to explore different methods.

Although, I really liked the way this character looked before I created her hair - this is an earlier render when I was setting up some basic shaders before properly texturing and creating hair.

I also created a stylised female base mesh during this project so that I can then use it for future projects by posing and adapting it accordingly.

Another aspect I wanted to experiment with was using RenderMan to render this. Some renders are done in Arnold (more in my comfort zone) but I wanted to explore basic shading and rendering in RenderMan purely out of curiosity and I fancied a challenge! 

RenderMan and Arnold Image comparison:

Like with all my personal projects this has been a huge learning curve and I've really enjoyed the processes involved, both Natália and Danny are huge inspirations for me when it comes to stylised art and I would love to do more projects like this in future. However, for my next personal project, I think I will be attempting something more realistic to try and broaden my art skills!

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