Sigrid the Space Elf
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Sigrid the Space Elf

Samantha Lee
by 18smlee on 4 Jun 2020

This is a short term project to help me fine tune my ZBrush skills. I am sculpting Sigrid the Space Elf, an original character by Nadia Axel.

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Update - 7 Aug 2020

Rendered in Maya

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Update - 8 Jun 2020

Today I added more detail to her clothing. I created the zipper with an IMM zipper brush and the hexagon pattern with an imported alpha.

Update - 5 Jun 2020

I added some rough colors today, as well as fixed some of the facial proportions to more closely match the image.

Update - 4 Jun 2020

This is the 2D character art I will be recreating in 3D using ZBrush. She is one of Nadia Axel's original characters, Sigrid, a space elf.

I started by blocking out the bust in ZBrush, working with rough shapes proportions. It took longer than I anticipated, but with practice I hope to get more efficient.

Next, I added more details to the face and a blocked out of the front hair strands. I found blocking out the hair particularly difficult because the 2D art was a bit vague, but I was able to get the basic shape.