SnowFighters - MONSTERS
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SnowFighters - MONSTERS

Odele Snowson
by snowdele on 3 Jun 2020

I'm going to keep all our monsters assets in this thread to keep track of my learning.

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Update - 8 Jun 2020

Spent the whole weekend figuring out how to RIG and ANIMATE simple beings. Animated a small humanoid first for this game, took hours. Then this monster took about 15 minutes.

Blender rocks.

I don't understand why it's not industry standard. Maybe end rendered animation is not top quality. But for indie games, makes process easier.

I would STILL MODEL in ZBrush. modeling in Blender was very very frustrating.

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Update - 3 Jun 2020

First low poly monster. 

For our game prototype SnowFighters. Don't know how to rig or animate yet. But what else to do in this quarantine and riot times. LEARN! 

Decimate master behaves differently depends on present dynamesh. I find resolution at 56 to be perfect for my use case for this project. However, some polygons are still super weird. 

I learned how to use ZModeler Brush BZM to select particular polygons to get them into one polygroup, and then GroupSplilt to get those polys into a different subtool. 

3pm. better take a break?