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Ivona Aleksandrova
by shony on 3 Jun 2020

A recent passionate project done during Lockdown and inspired by the current issues of Separation and Social Distancing.

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Update - 3 Jun 2020


I came up with this passionate project during my time in Lockdown. It is inspired by the current COVID pandemic and the following issues of Social Distancing. I wanted to represent the dehumanisation and state of mental collapsing but in a more futuristic and twisted way. It was also inspired by some theories and investigations hat the Virus is fabricated and the whole pandemic is one great manipulation.

With this piece I wanted to merge diverse workflows and achieve a collision between Hard Surface Modelling in Maya, the organic freedom of Zbrush combined with Scientific accuracy and Procedural workflows in Houdini.

The main underlying motive of this piece is addressing the issues of Separation. The two characters are lovers held separated at 2m distance. The Female is in the process of full dehumanisation as opposed to the Man who still has his conscious. No matter the circumstances, both are reaching to each other with the hope for a brighter future.

Character Development.

I created the Male character as part of my dissertation as one of my final year projects which were exploring the Uncanny Valley. The aims of the research were to study, understand and explore the creative process of realistic digital humans.

I used my knowledge of anatomy as a starting point to make further informed creative decisions for the project. I used the Male base mesh as a starting point for the female character changing the fundamental proportions. I was aiming for a more robotised look but keeping the sense of soul at the same time. I used Nanomesh in Zbrush to mimic the facial muscles and make her look like a machine with a notion of a living soul at the same time. 

Zbrush development and initial Texturing tests.

Scene Breakdown and Development.

It was an amazing journey exploring the procedural workflow for 3D Modelling. I studied the core concepts of using Houdini for Hard Surface. Here is a breakdown of the way I constructed the Machine.

Visualising the COVID protein in Houdini using Protein Data Bank files to achieve scientific accuracy.

This is my Mood board and reference for the project. The main inspiration came from famous movies but I twisted the concepts in a scene addressing some current global issues.

Thank you for your attention! Comments and critiques are always highly appreciated. :)

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