3D VFX - Japanese Shrine

3D VFX - Japanese Shrine

by miyazm on 2 Jun 2020

Final 1st Year University Project - 3D VFX .

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While my first year of university ( as a game art student ) has come to an end, I'd like to share with you some of the work I have produced throughout.

For this module, 3D VFX, we were required to create a high quality, photo-realistic asset of our choice. While others produced assets such as radios, watches, microphones and such ( all very impressive and of very high quality ) I decided to model a Japanese shrine.

I decide to model this asset as I had been working on some concept art with similar atmosphere, setting and asset and i thought it would be interesting to see a part of it come to life in 3D. While I am quite proud of the final product and how it came out - especially since this is only my second 3D asset and my first VFX render, I do realize I have quite a long way to go. The overall composition could use some more elements ( to make it feel less empty ) and details overall.

I had a lot of fun with this project and while I don't plan on going back and adding the missing elements ( at the moment ) I am considering turning it into a lower poly asset and create a game environment with this as it's base - or at least as an inspiration.

See you soon, with hopefully a lot of  new, wonderful and exciting content !!! 


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