Nicolas Longeval // Portfolio

Nicolas Longeval // Portfolio

by nicolaslongeval on 1 Jun 2020

Hello there, below you can see my entry for the Rookies 2020. I'd like to share the projects I've made so far this year that I'm proud of. I have an interested in Stylized Art, Hard Surface modelling and Level Design. I use Blender for anything that requires me to model, I really love it.

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Stylized PBR Character

I was inspired by a design from Jorge Rodrigues over on Artstation and wanted to try and adapt it into a 3D character.

For the texturing, I created a smart material in substance that has been reused for every part of the piece.
It's easily adjustable and can quickly give a nice stylized look.

Arch Vis - Studio

Another piece I'm fairly proud of is this piece I made, it was my first time doing anything Arch Vis and it was an interesting process that was, in ways, different but similar to Level Design for me.

I also created a the brick wall and wooden floor material using Substance Designer.

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