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Super hero landing

Super hero landing

by negalotus on 1 Jun 2020

A project that showed all the racing pilots landing and presenting themselves.

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In Argentina, we have multiple car racing categories, and the most popular of them is called Super TC2000. I was hired to record all the pilots on green screen, and afterwards make some kind of presentation for each of them. The only parameter i was given was to make them look good. 

The first thing i came up with was some kind of super hero landing, wich was really awkward, because i had to be in set yelling at 30 grown up men in their uniform how to jump and land, a trully magnificent experience indeed.

The project was made in Adobe AE and Photoshop, i collected different images and composed them together to make some kind of mountain, where the pilot, aka, the hero would land.

I used Action essentials 2 to create the dust and debris, and that was preety much it, just a man awkwardly jumping while watching at camera, man, the magic (insert awkward smile)

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