Overdrive Rush

Overdrive Rush

by antoinepic on 1 Jun 2020

Join a fast-paced competition in the dystopian, cyberpunk city of Oko. Hinder the opposing gang, repel the wild machines and control the battle area to dominate the game. Cooperate with your teammates to claim victory, and be the new champion of the Overdrive Rush!

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Overdrive Rush is a 3v3 PvP game without direct combat. In an arena, two players fight monsters to accumulate victory points. In the opposing team's arena, the third player uses traps and control spells to slow their progress. The first team to win two arenas wins the final victory.

• Frenzied, fun hack'n'slash gameplay

• PvP game without direct combat

• Constant communication between the players is necessary to achieve victory

• Play as a Blocker, plan your actions to slow down the opposing team

• Play as a Rusher, use your skills to defeat monsters

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 Collaborators: bmoya and djime