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Sacha Ismail
by sachaismail on 1 Jun 2020

The objective was to create a hyperrealistic craftsman's workshop based on historical research. ( first-year project ) We had 3 weeks to do modeling, lighting, texturing, shading, and compositing. It was my first big project.

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Update - 1 Jun 2020

I chose the workshop of a Gallic blacksmith in the period of the final La Tène (150 - 50 BC). This period was the apogee of Celtic culture but also the beginning of its romanization.
First frame shows a traditional workshop illuminated by the only roof window.
Second frame is a close-up on a Roman helmet and two Gallic torques. Celtic children could be romanized and recruited as soldiers at this time, at the risk of not keeping their own culture alive, so I chose a disruptive element to signal the change that was coming.
(More renderings will be put online)

Thank you for your time !

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