Tattoo Awareness

Tattoo Awareness

Teo Zhao Cuen
by ahjunz on 1 Jun 2020

The highlight in this project is to break the stereotype of tattoo culture which is that not all tattoos are associated with bad meanings. And to let people know that tattoos art also works with modern elements to display that tattoos would look artistic and more meaningful.

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Most of society has negative perceptions about tattoo art. Formerly, it was strictly considered as a mark of criminals, sailors or other undesirables. Besides, sometimes people stereotypically viewed tattoos are those who have connections with gangsters. Unshockingly, in the past, tattoos were banned in certain countries.

Produce a digital story to raise awareness about tattoo culture using an interactive program. By making a tattoo sticker that incorporates an Augmented Reality system, users can see the visualisation of the animated tattoo art. Users will scan the AR tattoo sticker using their device and it will reveal an animation of the tattoo that was fused with modern elements.

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