The Art of Anna Garcia Puigdelloses

The Art of Anna Garcia Puigdelloses

Anna Garcia Puigdelloses
by agpartwork on 31 May 2020

Becoming part of your life is the main goal of my art. I wish to create 3D characters that will accompany you along the way on every adventure you take. I am proud to present my last demo reel projects: "Underwater creature" and "Human Bust".

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I would like to present my last demo reel projects: "Underwater creature" and "Human Bust". Both have been developed during the first months of the master degree in Character Modeling from Animum Creativity Advanced school.

This two artworks have been a great practice to get in touch with new software and new ways to create a better model. Despite the fact that I still want to improve each art piece, I cannot deny that I am quite happy with the knowledge about modeling, texturing, shading and render workflows obtained during these last months.

Let me give you a little description of each project.

Let's begin!

Underwater Creature

"Underwater creature" is a project based on the amazing concept by Taran Fiddler.

How did I approach this project?

I went through the creation of a 3D creature from the early modelling to the final render. I have structure our workflow in four steps: creating an efficient animation mesh in Maya, giving details in Zbrush, paint our realistic textures in Mari, shading in Maya and rendering with Arnold Renderer.

Human Bust

"Human Bust" is the final result of the human anatomy study I did during the first month of my master degree. To create the perfect realistic human we needed to know what was under our skin. 

Firstly, we studied our bones and muscles modelling a 3D ecorché where we could identify the main ones.

Secondly, we naturalized this first ecorché, and we gave it fine detail, such  as porus and tiny wrinkles, in Mari and Zbrush.

And finally, we renderized it in Keyshot. 

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