Modular Environment Design

Modular Environment Design

by rdjmcintosh on 30 May 2020

This is the work created during my Advanced Specialised Project Module at SAE Institute Glasgow. The project focused on Modular Level Design and Advanced Texture Authoring. Enjoy!

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This is an environment created for my Advanced Specialised Project module at SAE Institute Glasgow.

The aim of my project was to research modular level design for games as well as advanced texture authoring within Substance Alchemist. To demonstrate this workflow I created two environments within Unreal Engine using the same modular components with alternate textures and lighting to invoke two distinctly different scenes.

Modular components were created within 3DS Max to specifications that allowed the same texture maps to be applied to all variations of wall, window and archway components. This allows efficient use of high resolution maps to cover a variety of different assets.

Substance Alchemist was used to create materials from scratch, utilising its parameters to generate variations of each material to be applied using  Vertex Painting within Unreal Engine to add variety to the scene.

Deferred decals were created within Photoshop to add unique detailing to areas of the project requiring more distinct polish. Assets sourced from Quixel Megascans were used to flesh out the remaining areas where the project time frame did not allow.

In addition to the goals of this project I had opportunity to practice some camera work within Unreal Engine.

Using sequencer and ( painstakingly ) key-framing a cinematic actor throughout the scene I was able to create a " Player Perspective " walkthrough of the environments. This served as good practice for a future cinematic project I will be developing later in the year.

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