Madeline Urback
by madelineu on 30 May 2020

"Valerie" is a 2D platformer adventure game about a Girl Scout delivering Girl Scout Cookies to the most dangerous parts of the world.

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"Valerie" was an extremely fun game to work on. I learned about tiling, gameplay, UI, character design, item design, programming logic, and environmental design from this game. Most importantly I learned how to take feedback and apply it.

I have been working with Unity and Unreal the past few weeks and I would like to bring "Valerie" into Unity to begin pushing it forward. I have great plans for this game. One of the game design aspects I am most excited about is making the Girl Scout Cookies consumable. I would like the cookies to give the Girl Scout powers so that she can fight enemies more effectively than avoiding them.

I can't wait to continue my journey in game dev, and I am excited to see where this journey takes me next.

FINAL DISCLAIMER: All of the art, animation, and programming in this game were done by me in the engine GDevlop and the art program Photoshop. The music is NOT my music. I found the main menu song on a free song website off of google. 

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