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Alicia Rzewucki
by aliciarzewucki on 30 May 2020

A pyro sim against a plate with matching HDRI. This project was done during my time at Rising Sun Pictures Education as a final project. I was going for a bright flame contrasting the night time environment. I took the project throughout the entire pipeline. All assets were already existing models.

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Update - 30 May 2020

My VFX project during my study at Rising Sun Pictures Education, in which I took through the entire pipeline. The intention behind the project is a simple fire contrasting with the night environment. All rocks, coal and logs were already existing models, and were applied with a simulation to fall accurately on a ground plane. All textures were also already existing and applied, in which I used the diffuse to create a bump and roughness map (Photoshop was used for this process). Lighting was done in both Houdini and Nuke, and involved multiple animated spot lights. FX was done in Houdini and Mantra was my used rendering software.

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