Pokémon Game Boy Cartridge.

Pokémon Game Boy Cartridge.

Jeremy Ocasio
by ohgdgrf on 29 May 2020

What started as a hard surface study and recreation of an Nintendo's iconic 1989 Game Boy cartridges in Blender eventually snowballed into a full on project with textures created in Substance Designer and rendering via Blender's Cycles Engine.

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The primary goal of this personal project was to deepen my understanding of hard surface modeling using a combination of destructive and non-destructive modeling via booleans with a focus on recreating complex shapes and quick iteration to achieve the final model. It was also meant as an opportunity to reacquaint myself with Blender after an extended period of primarily Maya modeling for my university studies.

After much trial and error I feel I was able to achieve a highly accurate recreation of the Game Boy's Cartridges and opted to liven the model up with some textures of my most nostalgic games from that time; the first two Generations of the long running and widely loved Pokemon handheld games. 

I also gained a much stronger understanding of the benefits and shortfalls of boolean modeling. My take away is that this workflow is phenomenal for iteration, concepting, and overall creating shapes that would be very meticulous and time consuming to model by hand with the precision required to maintain the sharp form needed for hard surface objects. However, if the goal were to create a topologically perfect model, it would most definitely require retopology as booleans tend to destroy geometry and leave us with triangles and n-gons, but this was anticipated and I wanted to see how far this workflow could be pushed to create a high quality and presentable render. 

Looking forward, I plan to continue experimenting with this workflow for hard surface objects and hope to create even more complex shapes and recreating more of my favorite tech-related objects. 

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