Hantu's Revenge

Hantu's Revenge

Samantha Topacio
by kii, samtopacio, and shailabh on 29 May 2020

Hantu's Revenge is boardgame for 4 players. Play as a survivor or an evil spirit in this eventful horror experience!

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Hantu's Revenge was created by a team of 4 students from Mages Institute of   Excellence  (mages.edu.sg)

Game Producer – Samantha Topacio
Game Designer (Mechanics) – Shailabh Chandra
Lead Artist – Ki Chan 
Game Designer (Design)– Jing Lee

User Guide:
Hantu's Revenge User Guide


Hantu’s Revenge is a game where you try to escape a vengeful spirit who is hell bent on sucking the soul of you! You and 3 other survivors must make your escape before Hantu kills every last one of you. Avoid traps and dangers in the enclosed space by co-operating with other survivors.
Unlike THE FURY OF DRACULA which has a fixed player as dracula, in Hantu’s revenge, every player has a chance to become the Hantu and kill the other players.

Player's Objective

- Your goal as survivors is to get to the rooftop and avoid being killed by the Hantu.
- Your goal as the Hantu is to kill all survivors before they escape to the rooftop.


- Eventful surprises throughout the game
- Switchable Characters
- Role Playing  Horror Setting

Card Designs

Game Design

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