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Jaki's Cocktail and Cigar Bar

Jaki's Cocktail and Cigar Bar

Jalen "Jax" Taylor
by jaytsu on 28 May 2020

A project that shows that narratives are found in all environments. These game ready environments show that stories can be told not only by the mouth, but by the eyes and ears as well.

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Jaki's Cocktail Bar: A Den of Secrets & Privilege 

This project was submitted to the RookieAwards2020. It was completed in 9 weeks during the Covid-19 Epidemic. I wanted to go back to a time where going out was the most socially acceptable activity. Going to bars and shows were commonplace and every loved to socialize, which is something that most miss in today's society. So this 3D Game Environment shows the stories that occurred during the performance, but after the fact. What do you think happened in Jaki's Cocktail and Cigar Bar?

These photos highlight the entirety of the bar with some focuses on the main narrative parts of the bar. 

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