The Great Grandpaa

The Great Grandpaa

Prasanna  Simpi
by prasannsimpi on 28 May 2020

Hello Everyone, Here I introduce my first realistic 3D portrait of an Old-Man. This piece was based on a single photography image found on the internet, so I used that as an inspiration and although I borrowed a lot of his actual features, I also changed a few things here and there.

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Everything is hand-sculpted in Zbrush and for texturing hand-painted in Substance Painter (Everything is made with the mouse. No Pen Tablet is used). Shaders, Lighting, and Render in Maya, Hairs are groomed using XGen Interactive and the amazing Arnold Renderer. Finally, touch-ups and colour corrections are done in Photoshop. I hope you like it.

Here is  Passes Presentation of Arnold Rendered.

Here I post some Zbrush shots, hope you like.

Here I post some of Substance Painter Render, Screenshots, and also sharing some Maya Render Viewport Screenshots.

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