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Chaddius Maximus

Chaddius Maximus

DaniƩlle Viljoen
by danielleviljoen on 28 May 2020

This is a 2D platformer I worked on with a small team from my University. I worked on the enemies in this game as well as the pick ups.

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These are some of the earlier concepts I created when designing some of the creatures in this game. With our low pixel density of 24 by 24 max it was hard to create a nice silhouette that is interesting and clear. This is also why most creatures are very blobby. 

I worked out one of the design and started looking at colour pallets. For the creatures that live outside of the caste the colour pallet was blue and orange mostly, while the creatures on the inside of the castle have a red and brown colour pallet.

I concepted, animated an gave VFX to a majority of the creatures in this game. Each creature has at least an Idle animation, Attack animation, Taking damage animation and a Death animation.

I also created all the pickups and gave them effects. These where the most fun to do in my opinion. 

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