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homo chair  ── furniture design

homo chair ── furniture design

Cindy Ngui Xin Yu
by cindynxy on 27 May 2020

to design a furniture, chair with concept and style. To choose a space either the living room, dining, bedroom, or etc to develop a conceptual idea and to be able to show the development of an innovative and comprehensive design.

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HOMO sapiens is the systematic name used in taxonomy for anatomically modern humans.

HOMO Chair is inspired by the graphical diagram of human growth. Human growth stages included infancy, childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood as well as advanced adulthood. With that inspiration in mind, the side elevation of HOMO Chair features a series of ups and downs. It is a piece of furniture which adapts to any periods of human development.

HOMO multifunctional chair is designed to help organize and maximize the living space. Its flexibility allows it to be placed either in the living room, bedroom or any other areas in the interior.

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