Frank - The cleanup solider

Frank - The cleanup solider

Wael Fadi Mahrouseh
by winkil on 27 May 2020

This was a personal project that I kept in my mind for around a year, Glad I finally went through with it!

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In the grim future, the coronavirus has mutated and produced a deadly version that upon killing the victim's body it decomposes and lets a visible deadly contagious gas spread out with infected bugs that spread out the virus even further after the pandemic spreads out all over the world and many cities fall off the grid so the world has collaborated together and enrolled a universal clean up squad that specializes in restoring world one city at a time

Every soldier is equipped with a gas mask that filters out the deadly elements, compress it, and use it to kill off the contagious bugs roaming around in the infected areas!

Frank is one of the best soldiers that have ever enrolled, he rose through the ranks pretty quickly and is now the captain of the elite squad that handles very high-risk missions

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