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Tila - The combat medic concept art

Tila - The combat medic concept art

Wael Fadi Mahrouseh
by winkil on 27 May 2020

This is a character based on the prompt of the character design challenge! That month theme was "Nurses and doctors"

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The war between the two great continents wages on, the northern continent is extremely advanced in their technology compared to the southern continent, which has a vast amount of manpower and population, they use their numbers to overwhelm their enemies.

The helixes are a very rich and intelligent family, born in the Northern continent, they used their knowledge of the northern technology to build and assemble deadly weapons that can destroy any advanced military equipment from the north, they realized that they have better opportunities to expand their wealth and power if they migrated to the southern continent and continue to build and sell their technology there, overthrowing the northern continent in the process.

As the daughter of the helixes Tila was educated in the northern continent until the age of 10, that's when the Helixes have migrated to the southern continent, she despised the southerners and their culture, their traditions and everything in between, Tila escaped her house at the age of 12 when the war broke out, she snuck back to the northern continent to enroll in the army and undo the damage her parents are inflicting against her home continent, Tila was very talented and dedicated to saving her home continent, she quickly rose up through the ranks as a combat medic becoming the youngest senior medic in the army at the age of 16!

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