Hotel Room

Hotel Room

Miquel Angel Campins
by mac on 27 May 2020

Interactive hotel room designed for mobile and VR devices

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This client wanted to see the room of their upcoming hotel designed before it's built. Based on the floor plans and some furniture ideas they had, I designed the room and waited for they to agree on the initial design.

One of the fundamentals aspects of this project for the client apart from the interactivity, was to simulate a realistic lighting according to the real location of the hotel. This was easily managed thanks to the latest Unreal update adding new features to lighting.

Once the client was happy with the result, texturing stage began. Thanks to Substance and Quixel this process was painless and extremely fun.

Here you can see the final project delivered to the client as an application. The same example you see is also available for mobile devices and VR.

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