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Ca Ses Parres

Ca Ses Parres

Miquel Angel Campins
by mac on 27 May 2020

Personal Archviz project based on my brother's house.

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My brother started building his own house and as he couldn't picture it by just looking at the blueprints I decided to use them for my first Archviz project to help him visualize his ideas in a more realistic approach.

What initially I thought it would be a simple journey turned out to be a difficult one in which I learned by failing and doing things wrong. Thanks to that I kept pushing myself to do things better than before.

My main concern was to create something not just my brother could relate to, but something that anyone could look at and be confused wheter it was real or not.

I'm really happy I started this project because during the process I re-discovered myself as an artist and realised I was able to done it by just starting it and keep working on it every single day. It was a long journey where I learned a lot but I also gained a lot of knowledge in return and I do hope it does reflect that about me. Feel free to check the video and drop me a message! Thank you.

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