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Weekly Drill 8 - Chihiro's Flowers

Weekly Drill 8 - Chihiro's Flowers

Natalia Cabalceta
by ncab on 27 May 2020

I recreated Chihiro's flowers, from Spirited Away, for the 8th drill!

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For this challenge, I wanted to try cel-shading for the first time! Chihiro's flowers in the beginning of Spirited Away were my inspiration. <3

I decided to keep rendering with Marmoset and I am loving it - it is definitely more preferable for me and works more expeditiously with my hardware than Arnold. I would have liked to try Arnold's GPU renderer, but I don't have the required hardware. I don't feel like I am missing out, though, because Marmoset is breathing life into me haha

For the cel-shader/toon effect, I used a combo of UV edge lines and the cel-shader by almightygir on gumroad. For the card, I took the image from the movie clip and did some Photoshop work to piece it together like normal.

This was a blast to make! Hope you enjoy :)

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