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Wall-e meets Monet

Wall-e meets Monet

Inge De Leeuw
by ingedeleeuw on 26 May 2020

The goal of this exam project was to choose a painting and recreate the composition and lighting of this painting and pick a movie setting you like. I picked Wall-e for the movie. The painting is La Promenade (Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son") by Monet of 1875.

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Wall-e meets Monet

I made a block out to check the lighting. When the block out was done, I got into the details. I made my Wall-e first, because it would be the most work (I thought). The rubbish on the ground blocked a part of my light, so I had to rearrange my rubbish a bit. I did a lot of researching for Wall-e because there was a lot of detail for him. So I was inspired by Tuts+ 3D to look at the details for Wall-e.

Programs: Maya (modeling/textures)/ 3Ds Max (modeling and unwrap)/ Arnold (rendering)/ Substance Painter (textures)/ Photoshop

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