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Zac Miller Portfolio

Zac Miller Portfolio

Zac Miller
by zmiller on 26 May 2020

This portfolio contains the best projects from my 4 years at Ringling College of Art and Design in the Motion Design program.

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Hello! My name is Zac Miller and this is my newest reel heading into the new decade. So many hours worth of work and so many late nights are wrapped up in less than 60 seconds.

Visuals by Zac Miller, Audio by Mac Miller.

For someone to fully achieve a set goal, they must develop great focus and determination towards that goal. It is not a straight shot to achieve, it is more of a path that must be navigated. Along this path that leads to true mental determination, there are many chapters that create this journey.

Music/Sound Design: Kelly Warner

As a college student, our end goal comes in and out of focus as we progress through our classes. We don't know exactly where we will end up after college, but the Future Proof conference is here for us to know that our end goal will eventually come into focus.

All compositions are based off the basic elements and principles of design.

Michigan Football has always been a big part of my life. After receiving a very open-ended assignment for my animation class, I took the opportunity to finally create a piece revolving around my team. This piece is a short animation that can get the fan base hyped up about the team combining the aspects of training, power, and competition.

Dr Rick Rigsby’s father, a third grade dropout, was the wisest man he had ever met in his life. Combining old school wisdom and knowledge, his father made an impact on his two boys throughout their childhood which led to their success later in life.

Now that I have reached the halfway point of my college education at Ringling College of Art and Design, I decided it was finally time to put together a piece that had a true meaning to it. After watching the whole commencement speech by Dr. Rick Rigsby, I was truly inspired to take his words of wisdom and put them into motion.

Direction, Animation, Design: Zac Miller
Narration: Rick Rigsby
Music and Sound Design: The Chicken

A single matchstick
is all it takes to brighten
the chaotic dark;

but it takes nothing
for the darkness to feed on
and consume our fear.

Haiku: Richard J. Heby
Design & Animation: Zac Miller & Zach Hartman
Sound Design: Kelly Warner

What if movements in nature were shown alongside the animation curves that would create those displayed movements? And what would result if those animation curves were tweaked?

Giving Mother Nature her curves, one value graph editor at a time.

This piece was inspired by a quote I had originally heard in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. The beauty within nature is often humble. As the beauty of nature can not literally speak, it does not call out for attention. It just exists among its own beauty and the attention is rightfully and willfully given.

Education can be a lot of things, depending on each individual's own experiences. I asked people to describe education to me by starting with the phrase "Education Is..." This video is a compilation of some of the best responses.

Elementary - A Series of Looping Animations

This project is a series of 3D animated scenes that are meant to loop seamlessly. Each scene is an abstracted aspect of a playground and is textured to look like children's building blocks.

After designing everything from the logo to the on-air graphics for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this is a recap montage pulling together a good majority of the elements that I created in this exploration. These bright and flashing shapes inspired by Japanese calligraphy are given dynamic, strong motion to match the energy level of the athletes featured throughout the competitions.

Using the audio as a driver for the visuals, this piece revolves around different types of symmetry while taking the audience on a short journey through the abstract.

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