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 Fledgling: Forest Ruins Level Design

Fledgling: Forest Ruins Level Design

Thuy-Anh Le
by thuyanhle on 26 May 2019

A personal project. My focus was on a fast paced and forward moving level that emphasised sliding and jumping actions. It was really interesting problem solving how to approach designing a level that's fairly linear but with a lot of verticality and forward progression without biting off more than I could chew.

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Initial moodshot for the level

Keyframe 1

Jumping onto the giant cluster of mushrooms and being propelled towards a huge stained glass window.

Keyframe 2

The open world sight right after blasting through a stained glass window. There's a few seconds where the player can see the next few levels and end goal, before they start falling back to the next tunnel.

Level Plan

The level plan was initially blocked out in blender to give a good idea of how plausible in game movement would be.

Call outs

Some call outs of the mushrooms and pillars that are a key part of player traversal, and a line drawing with solid blocks of colour to clearly show how the obstacles would be composed in the level section leading up to the big leap.

Most of the ruins architecture is pretty much straight from the Old Summer Palace.

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