Miss Fortune Fan Art

Miss Fortune Fan Art

by kittysleuths on 22 May 2020

Here is my fanart of the League of Legends character Miss Fortune. It is also my second time creating a character within the handpainted pipeline so I learned a lot about painting different materials, contrast, form, and applying story elements such as scars and burnt edges to tell a compelling narrative. Thanks!

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Finally calling this Miss Fortune done! It was a fun project to work on especially because I love the story of her in League of Legends. My goal was to make a character who could believably  fit in the world of League of Legends but be higher fidelity than what is allowed in the game engine currently. So maybe this could be my imagined version of an rpg with Miss Fortune as the main character ^o^. I challenged myself also to not use any baking maps, so I rendered everything by hand as if it were a blank canvas and this was super fun and a learning experience I recommend if you love to paint! 

Additional Images and Model Viewer: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1n8nA

Concept art is done by the amazing Jason Chan.


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