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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Daniel Goh
by danielgh on 18 May 2020

My first ever head sculpt I started when quarantine hit!

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My first head sculpt! I'd say this is still a WIP as I do plan to come back and refine it, just not now so this is where I'm leaving it at for now.

This took about 4 weeks to complete on and off as I only had free time and/or breaks from other projects. This was a good learning experience and I definitely learned a ton!

Hope everyone stays safe during these times!

(also do click on the images to see the fitted one if they seem too large and overwhelming, I apologize.)

These were among the few lighting passes I chose to render to enable me to have more control over the images when compositing in Photoshop. With the final color corrections & post processing and such being applied to enhance the final still image. I did this for all the final still images.

These are the few breakdowns of the project during the 4 weeks.

The first half of the 4 weeks were mostly spent on sculpting and getting the texture/displacement maps ready and blocking out my groom while the second half was just me improving the XGen guide placements, lighting setups and look dev.

Displacement Maps were 8K and done with Mari. Rendered in VRay, with each frame taking about 3-4 hours to render, groomed with XGen Core. Clothes were simulated in Marvelous Designer and exported to Maya. All shaders were done in Maya. Look Development and Lighting were all done in Maya too & Photoshop for final Compositing and touching/cleaning up.

And finally,

May the Force, Be With You.

Stay safe everybody!

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