The Forgotten Sanctuary

The Forgotten Sanctuary

Ozan ├ľnen
by ozannnonen on 16 May 2020

This is one of my side projects that I wanted to make for some time. I've finished it over the weekend in my free time. I was inspired by a concept art made by Graham Kelly and wanted to use it as a baseline. My goal was to give a sense of lifelessness and solitude. Concept:

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I really wanted to blend outside light with confined lighting; because I knew that I wasn't good with lighting exterior scenes. So I forced myself to create scene in which I'd have to work extensively on exterior lighting as well as interior parts. Thus I would have to combine what I know for both disciplines.

Another thing is that I really like scenes with contrast. Not only in terms of post-process. This scene, for instance, has areas that are bright and colorful; and areas that are dark and shadowy right next to each other. 

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