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Mel Chrysanti
by misspelledelot on 16 May 2020

a girl, got lost in the woods. she walked, and walked, and spotted something in the distance. and, to her surprise!

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Into The Black Forest

This is a personal project I made with my friend.  One day  she came up with a story concept about a girl who accidentally crossed world, and met her double who died a tragic death  and wanted to steal her body, so the little girl has to run to survive her, and we thought it would be cool if we could make a short movie/game with that, and here we are!

This is the environment for the scene where the little girl got lost in the woods, and she found this carousel.

The modelling was done in Maya, A bit of sculpting for details in Zbrush, and texturing in Substance Painter.  All the models(Maya and Zbrush) were done in two weeks, Texturing in one week, and Lighting and Scene dressing in a week! 

This is the ground and tree material I made for the scene.  Ive always wanted to try Substance Designer and it was a good opportunity for me to learn.

Thank you for viewing this far!  Id love to hear your feedbacks!

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