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Angel's Hair

Angel's Hair

Samantha Topacio
by samtopacio on 10 May 2020

Angel’s Hair is a 3D side-scrolling platform-based adventure game where the player needs to collect all four main ingredients to become a pasta bowl.

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The Game Tile "Angel's Hair" name comes from the pasta Capelli d'angelo, which stands for Angel Hair Pasta.
Play as a bowl who goes around the kitchen to make its hair again!


● Puzzles the player will need to complete in order to progress through the game
● Health bar gone! Angel's bowl visually breaks when you hit traps or fall off the counter

Unique Selling Points

● No Hands No Feet! Go through puzzles as a bowl
● Starts as an empty bowl, and ends as shattered bowl or and a bowl of pasta
● Game is about assembling a Simple Pasta

Character Development

Game Screenshots

Game Design

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