Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque

Jaime López Sánchez
by troiti on 8 May 2020

This was a small project developed by Alex Rivas and I. I was responsible for all the 3D involved, and he was responsible for the VFX.

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This is a small project my friend Alex Rivas and I did. I was responsible for all the 3D involved, and I did the VFX.

This is all the development I did for the body:

I first created the 3D model and made a retopology. Sculpted the details for the face in Zbrush and baked them. Also painted the base maps for the diffuse there, and then imported them into Substance Painter to refine it and get the rest of the maps I needed.

After that, I modeled a proxy for the hair in Zbrush, brough it into maya, and developed a pair of tools in python to convert that mesh into curves, and attach them to the body. After that I just had to plug those curves into Xgen, and created the hair. I didn't simulate it, I just used A wind modifier on Xgen.

This is the tool that converts the clumps into curves.

And this tool attaches those curves to the surface of the monkey.

This is all the development I did for the environment:

I wanted to create a cold, mountain like environment, so I went ahead and looked for photogrammetry rocks that were close to what I was looking for, and made a quick layout of what the animation piece could be like. Then, I textured those rocks, trying to get a "cartoonier" out of them.

This interesting animals normally use the hot waters at these mountains to get warm, so I needed to make a water that also felt kind of cartoonish, so I develop a procedural shader in Arnold that looked like calm walter using animated noises, and then applied that to a plane.

This is a small layout to check how the cameras looked.

This is the water shader.

And that's it!

Thanks a lot if you've read all of it, I hope you enjoyed it!        ;P

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