Craftsman's House

Craftsman's House

Noah Baumann
by noahbmnn on 7 May 2020

*The Speedart is after the Cinematics* Created 2 weeks before the finals exams.

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I've been working on this scene during the last few days. It's supposed to be a craftsman's room from the 17th century. The sawdust on the floor scattered under his table and above in his retreat/attic shows that he likes to carve wooden figures, which he also puts up at his favorite place.

Concept Art was made by Xenia Taufertshöfer:

Although I used this Concept Art as a reference, I quickly deviated from the original and brought in my own ideas.


If you want to see my workflow, you can watch the Speedart of the entire process of this image! (After the Cinematics) It is a bit messed up (not Modular) due to the fact that It wasn't be designed as modular Game Assets, but rather a single small scene that was previously modeled in Maya. However, all Assets could be used as game assets after all pivots would be reset. 


All materials in this scene were designed exclusively in Substance Designer. In order to mix different textures, I used Quixel Mixer, which has in my opinion, notably more features than Substance Alchemist. My workflow in Mixer is significantly faster than in Substance Designer, due to the easier user experience, which saves valuable time. The materials were reused several times to get different variations by vertex painting them in Unreal Engine.

(Important! The tiles were made using the tutorial "Creating Roof Tiles in Substance Designer" by Daniel Thiger on Gumroad) 


I am still not satisfied with my performance, therefore I will continue to do further projects. Unfortunately, a lot of assets were developed under a lot of stress, since I have my final exam in less than 2 weeks. Thus I had to work 14-15 hours a day for the last days to get it done in time.

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