Cyber Street Japan Project

Cyber Street Japan Project

Bradley James Costello
by bradfx99 on 7 May 2020

This is my still from my final year project! This project for me was a test of lighting and composition skills.

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Japanese Cyber Street Project

This is my still from my final year project "Cyber Street Japan". This project for me was a test of lighting and composition skills. I was inspired by the  colours used in Lawrence Sher's The Joker (2019). I was really attracted by the aesthetic of the contrasting cold against warm cyan and tungsten lights. 

The camera has a dutch angle implemented giving it the slight orientation to the right instead of being a level shot.

This shot from the trailer shows the differentation of the lighting just by using the colours for seperation. I was fascinated on how they seperated the foreground and background with the use of colour and not the intensity of either light, this technqiue I wanted to replicate in my still. 

After rendering my still with the select AOV's I took the 'EXR' into nuke to apply the depth of field using the Z-Depth pass. I rendered diffuse direct, indirect, specular direct, indirect, emission, and, Z-depth. This allows me to control some of the lighting in the scene without needing to render in Arnold. The colour space I use is 'AcesCG'. I use this colour space as it has large colour spectrum and the highlight roll offs are much clearer. This was needed to aid with the bloom effect which comes with the ZDefcous node. 

After writing out the Nuke file with the now added depth of field, I pulled the image into Photoshop for some final touches. Here I added some basic detailing such as grunge and scracthes on select objects and added rain by using noise and motion blur. Next I modified the image using the camera raw filter in PS to adjust the exposure, saturation and more.  I also added more bloom to the image. 

Here is the final image from my project after the post processing stage.

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