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Shauna's Attic - WIP
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Shauna's Attic - WIP

Chellew Wu
by chellewwxy on 15 Mar 2019

A game-ready environment, build with Unity. C & C would be very very appreciated!

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Update - 16 Apr 2019

Wrapping it up.

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Update - 3 Apr 2019

The lighting is pretty much finalized, there are some texture needs to be fixed, so that comes to the next. 

Then it will just be a few more model to really hint who's attic it is.

Update - 1 Apr 2019

WIP still, have been working on lighting a lot. Still have a few more models that need to be made and need to fix some light and shadows in the scene.  I have been quite busy but I will try to get this done by the end of April!

Update - 18 Mar 2019

For next I will need to model some items as the Easter egg to be tossed in.

Update - 15 Mar 2019

WIP, A game-ready environment I created. I have been working on it for about one month as I also have University projects to work on. Earlier progress is on my Artstation.